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8 Important Marketing Techniques Using Social Media for Law Firms in 2021

Social media for law firms in 2021 has changed.

Now, social media marketing is an essential part of any law firm’s online presence. It allows firms to build relationships with potential clients and current ones by providing them with valuable information about the industry, as well as engaging in dialogue about pertinent issues.

Law firms should use social media to supplement their other marketing efforts by utilizing these eight techniques.

social media marketing

1. Always Use Your Personal Account –

Law firms usually have a business account on various social media sites, but they should always use their personal accounts as well.

This allows you to establish a relationship with your clients and prospects that extends beyond just being an attorney or law firm.

You can post about events in your community, cases of interest from other attorneys, things going on at work outside of client services – anything that will help build rapport.

People want to do business with people who are real human beings rather than businesses exclusively focused on making money.

2. Define Your Target Audience

Before you start engaging people on social media, you should have a good understanding of who your target audience is.

If it’s not clear yet, do some market research and find out where they are online as well as what platforms they use most often.

Once you know this information, tailor your posts accordingly so that the content appeals to their preferences.

There might be certain things that might appeal to one type of person but turn another off completely.

With that said, don’t force a post just because it matches your firm’s objectives.

Keep in mind the ultimate goal here is building rapport within an industry rather than trying to make sales right away or worrying about branding yourself too much at first.

3. Share Engaging Content 

When it comes to content on social media, you should always focus more on quality than quantity.

This means that the posts and links you share need to be interesting enough for people to want to click them.

If your post is dull or boring in some way then most likely no one will take notice of it except maybe a few friends who are already familiar with your firm’s work anyway.

You can’t expect everyone else online – whether they’re clients or prospective ones – to automatically connect with your content because they follow your page now.

You still need to try and engage them by sharing engaging messages, photos, videos, and whatever else might appeal specifically towards their interests.

4. Engage With Other People’s Content

social media engagement

It’s also important to engage with other people who are sharing content on social media.

You don’t need to comment on every post, but it should be enough so that your name or firm at least gets mentioned in one way or another.

This puts you out there and allows others the opportunity to see what kind of work you do if they weren’t aware before.

Since many platforms have algorithms designed specifically for this purpose – ensuring users actually view posts from those they follow rather than skipping right past them.

This is a good tactic even if it doesn’t lead directly towards new business opportunities now since it could down the line eventually as long as you’re consistent about engaging with others online.

5. Create a Content Calendar

You should also make sure you’re creating a content calendar for your social media marketing efforts.

This way you can better set and manage expectations with clients and prospects as well as ensure that the content you share online fits in line with certain events or initiatives going on at work.

It’s not only about what’s shared, but when it gets shared too.

This is important because if there are things already scheduled to go up during the week then posts created beforehand won’t need to be posted until later instead of being released all at once right away which could lead to burnout or oversaturation.

6. Use Social Media Ads

You can also use social media ads to your advantage.

From a business standpoint, they are typically inexpensive and easy to set up while providing you with the ability to target specific demographics or profiles that match those most interested in what you’re offering.

These promotions might not lead directly towards landing new work, but they could help raise awareness for your firm which is just as important when trying to generate leads and referrals online.

Beyond this, each platform tends to have its own unique ways of running these types of advertisements – usually involving choosing an objective whether it’s engagement, traffic generation, or conversion tracking specifically for sales purposes rather than branding efforts alone.

7. Use the Right Type of Media

Different platforms also have their own best practices when it comes to the type of media that should be used.

For instance, Instagram and Twitter are better for sharing images whereas LinkedIn is more geared towards professional content such as articles or blog posts.

As a result, you need to ensure whatever link you’re posting online fits in line with what’s being shared by others.

If there are no other links on your feed then most likely people aren’t going to click just because they see one from your firm unless it looks interesting enough either through its title or description if provided which can usually be found right below the actual post itself.

8. Publish Video Content

social media video

You should also consider publishing video content as well.

It’s not necessarily easier than creating other types of posts, but it has a different dynamic that can set you apart from the competition.

Videos are much more engaging and provide your audience with an opportunity to see what work actually goes into producing legal services which could be advantageous for those looking specifically for these kinds of firms online.

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