About Us

BCP Law Marketing is home to a team of strategists, designers, data specialists and creative folks located in Jacksonville Florida.

We’re BCP Law Marketing. We create meaningful experiences that build and grow law practices.

We look around and ask... When did agencies get so ridiculous? When did they start promoting their own agenda instead of the customer’s?

We're on a mission to do away with the craziness running rampant in today’s agencies. To focus on doing what’s right for our customers (which just so happens to be what’s right for your law practice).

Because when you sit back and look at it, creating great customer experiences is what keeps them loyal and makes you look like a rock star.

We’re a panacea against the crazy and we’re here to make a difference.



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What We Believe

Agencies should be small.

Think about every big organization you've ever known. You are never more than a number to them. They'll never know your name unless you're complaining about them on social media.  We want to not only know your name, but become deeply invested in helping you meet your business goals.  Maybe we'll even get to know about your dog too.

It's about the people.

Think about it.  Everything — advertising, sales, working relationships, even the decision to buy a mocha frappuccino — revolves around human interaction. That's true for your clients and it's true for our relationship with our customers.

Clients aren't dumb.

It's obvious, when it comes to your law practice, you're a lot smarter than we are. We understand you just want to work with someone who will help you navigate the digital space — and who won't treat you like a speed bump in some "creative process."

Specialized is better.

We're specialized by choice – we're not everything to everyone and we love it.  We know already what works for law firms and what doesn't.  We've been through this rodeo before and you get the benefit of our experience.  We're just a better agency for law firms.

Support We're Proud Of

We've all been there...tech support hell.  Press 1 to... well you get the idea. When you work with BCP Law Marketing, you'll always be able to reach out to someone who can actually help you via phone, or email.

One client per market

If we're promising you the #1 spot, we're not going to promise the firm down the block the same thing. As long as you're a client of ours, we'll never work with your local competitors, period.

Take a step in the

right direction.

We do our best work with clients when...

We have the same goals and vision

Everyone working on our team and yours needs to understand the overall objectives and collaborate towards our shared goal.

We access a dedicated contact person

You may have the time to answer questions and go over reports, but you may not.  We need access to a senior contact person empowered to make decisions.  That may be you or a trusted member of your staff.

We share common values of respect and collaboration

We’re in this together! The scale and scope of any project can sometimes seem daunting, but we will guide you through it and meet any challenges head on, together!  Respect and trust on both parts wins the day.

Our Team

BCP Law Marketing is a crazy bunch of talented people who are wildly passionate about helping our clients. We value diversity and firmly believe that different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives are what help to make us a strong and capable team of marketers.

We have fun blending our strengths together, combining our business experience and creative minds to bring you the best ideas and drive results for our clients.

BCP Law Marketing Team
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