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How to Create the Perfect Website for Your Law Firm

How do you want your website to look? Do you want it to be simple or elaborate, inviting or strict? What about the color scheme and layout of the site? These are just some of the many questions that come up when creating a website.

A law firm’s website is its online representation in front of clients, so it needs to make an impression.

Let’s help you figure out how to create a perfect law firm website for your business.

Always Use Your Brand Colors on Your Website

Law Firms Use Brand Colors on Website

It is important to always use your brand colors on your website. People who visit will be able to tell that it belongs to you, and they’ll notice if a site does not match its branding.

Your logo should also appear prominently on the homepage of your law firm’s website so people can quickly recognize where they are after entering their information or clicking through from another source such as Google Maps or an online search engine.

The Layout Should Be Easy for Visitors to Navigate

The layout of your law firm’s website should be easy for visitors to navigate.

For example, if you are using a WordPress theme, you can use widgets that will display key information such as phone number or email address directly on the homepage so it is readily available instead of forcing people to dig through other pages before finding what they need.

Get Personal With Your Clients Through Website Copy

Get Personal With Your Clients Through Website Copy

It is important to get personal with your clients through website copy.

People are looking for a law firm that they can trust, not just any typical business.

Be sure to include information about yourself and the services you provide so people know who will be representing them in court or handling their legal needs. Remember all of those questions above?

You should answer at least some of them on your site so it isn’t difficult for visitors to figure out what you do and how they might benefit from working with your company.

Display Your Achievements and Awards

One way to help attract clients is by displaying your achievements and awards.

Showcase these accolades on your website so people know what you are capable of before they reach out to you for legal assistance.

It’s also important that the information displayed matches up with other promotional materials, such as letterheads for business cards, ensuring that visitors get an accurate impression no matter which form of contact they use when learning about your services.

Optimize for SEO

Optimize for SEO - website for your law firm

It is important to optimize your law firm website for SEO.

This way, you can attract more visitors and increase the flow of potential clients through your site as well as any sites where people can bookmark or share it with others such as social media pages.

All of these tips will help you create a better online representation for your business so that everyone interested in hiring an attorney knows exactly who they are dealing with before contacting them about their legal needs.

Use Multiple CTAs

One thing you can do to help increase conversion rates is by using multiple call-to-actions (CTAs).

These are the buttons or links on a page that allow visitors to make a decision – whether it’s signing up for an email list, purchasing a product, downloading something free like a white paper, etc.

Usually, there will be two CTA choices: one at the top of the page and another below any blog posts or articles so those who read about your services have even more opportunities to engage with them.

Using a different variety of CTAs will help to convert potential clients throughout your website.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly and Fast

Make Sure Your Attorney Website is Mobile-Friendly and Fast

Many people use their smartphones or tablets as an alternative way to look up information about a business before deciding if they want to work with them – so you need to be able to accommodate those users, too.

Your site should also load quickly no matter which device visitors choose since this can affect how long someone stays on the page and whether or not they decide it’s worth sticking around for longer than just a few seconds.

And let’s be brutally honest… Google requires this. If you want any chance of ranking high in Google’s search listings, then this is an absolute must.

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