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New to Family Law? Make Sure You’re Marketing Effectively

Family law attorney marketing - The How To's.

So, you’ve taken all the necessary steps to open your new family law practice. You’ve locked down the best attorneys in the area, you’ve applied for all the permits and licenses you need, but something’s missing: THE CLIENTS! No one can find your awesome law firm because you’re not effective in your family law marketing technique. We've got you covered! Read below to find out what marketing strategies you need to have in place for your practice to be successful!


family law attorney marketingWhat are Clients Looking for in a Family Law Attorney?

 In order to effectively market to your clients, you need to put yourself in their shoes. What would you be looking for in an attorney during a family law dispute? While every case is going to be different, there are some consistencies that will appeal to almost everyone in need of a family law attorney.

  • Personality of Your Attorneys and Your Firm

 Some traits that absolutely need to come across in your marketing technique, are that you are confident and caring. This is a difficult balance to achieve. You don’t want to come across as domineering nor do you want to look like you would fold under pressure. There’s a happy medium that is the sweet spot for a family law attorney, and if your marketing efforts give off that message, you’ll be in high demand.

  • General Internet Presence and Google My Business Listing

Another thing to be mindful of in the family law space specifically, is how conspicuous your business is online. In family law especially, your clients may want to keep a low profile. Therefore, it’s critical that all of the elements of your business are transparent and available on a google search, or a Google My Business (GMB) listing.

The client may be nervous about how “high traffic” the area around your business is. Are you located next to a busy street where the client may be easily seen by a nosy friend? Is there a more hidden parking lot where the client can park and maintain more privacy when they visit your office? You’d be surprised at how powerfully these factors play into a client’s decision when choosing a family law attorney. And an effective online marketing presence will put the client’s mind at ease.

  • Social Media Marketing

Nearly everyone has a social media account these days, and many people have an account on multiple social media platforms. If you’re marketing strategy doesn’t include social media platforms, you are missing a huge portion of the population.

Effectively marketing on social media is much different than other forms of marketing. It requires frequent, short and engaging posts that keeps interested users coming back for more. It’s important to maintain relationships with clients even after their case has been concluded, as they may need your services in the future.

  • Other Forms of Online Marketing

 In the digital age, the possibilities for marketing your family law firm online are essentially endless. Some other, less-often considered marketing avenues might include starting a podcast, YouTube channel, or a newsletter. Each of these options brings their own unique value and appeals to a different subset of clients. The best part about these different forms of marketing is that they can be continued long-term. If you’ve built a good reputation with your client, even after their case, they may tune into your podcast for information and encouragement, or they may refer friends and family to you.


  • SEO Considerations

 Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to a successful marketing campaign. SEO is a complicated process, but it basically boils down to what search terms will drive traffic to your site. For an example in the family law realm: most clients looking for a divorce attorney are more likely to search terms such as “How can I keep my child after divorce?” rather than terms like “family law lawyer.” So, it is critical that your family law attorney marketing strategy makes effective use of SEO.

  • Online Reviews

 It’s an unfortunate fact of life, especially in the legal world, but you can’t win them all. There are going to be cases that you are not successful in and your client will not be happy. It may not have been your fault. The loss may have been directly due to something the client did themselves. There could have been any number of reasons why you lost the case, but it is what it is.

Whenever this happens, especially in family law where emotions can be at a boiling point, you may receive some bad online reviews of your business. These may come from your client after the case is lost, or from a family member of the client who felt it was your fault. Alternatively, you may even get bad reviews from someone on the OTHER side of the case after a win. Again, sometimes there is just no controlling for bad reviews.

When these negative reviews do occur, it’s important to have a plan to deal with them. How can you still highlight the excellence that your practice provides with those negative reviews floating around out there? This is a tricky element to overcome, but probably the best way to do it, is to gather as many positive reviews as possible in order to drown out the negative ones.

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